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Study on Extraction Method of Oil in Tobacco
ZHANG Meng-meng, ZHANG Feng-xia, KANG Shi-ping, SUN Zhao-lin, WANG Yao
2019, 25(2): 131-134. doi: 10.16495/j.1006-3757.2019.02.014
Abstract(8614) HTML (75) PDF(17)
Study of Sample Preparation Method for XPSAnalysis of Powdered Samples
LIU Fen, ZHAO Zhi-juan, QIU Li-mei, ZHAO Liang-zhong
2007, (2): 107-109.
Abstract(2998) PDF(489)
Tables of Peak Positions for XPS Photoelectron and Auger Electron Peaks
LIU Fen, ZHAO Zhi-juan, QIU Li-mei, ZHAO Liang-zhong
2009, 15(1).
Abstract(2771) PDF(501)
Analysis of External Plastic Protective Sleeve of Wire by FTIR
HAN Chuang, ZHANG Lu-jie, ZHANG Hai-peng
2014, (4): 238-242.
Abstract(2767) PDF(27)
Expansion of Data Output Function of Rigaku D/Max-2400 X-Ray Diffractometer
2011, 17(4): 203-210.
Abstract(2765) PDF(204)
Exploration the Detection Method Indoor Air of Total Volatile Organic Compounds
FU Ying, WANG Yi-jun, ZHANG Feng-yan
2012, 18(1): 47-56.
Abstract(2290) PDF(178)
Determination of Non-eluting Tars Content of Maleic Anhydride Process Oil by Distillation/GC
CHENG yong-guang, HAN gang
2007, (2): 148-151.
Abstract(2203) PDF(365)
Determination of sn-2 Fatty Acid in Triglyceride of Milk by HPLC-ELSD and GC-MS
HAN Rui-li1, MA Jian2, ZHANG Jia-cheng1, SHENG Qing-hai3
2009, 15(1).
Abstract(2199) PDF(334)
Determination of Dissociation Constant and BindingConstant of Famciclovir
CHEN Yi-ting, SU Bi-ling, HUANG Lu, LIN Qi
2011, 17(1): 1-5.
Abstract(2195) PDF(614)
Spectra and Structure Data Analysis of Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride
ZHANG Ming-guang, XIA Zheng-jun, JIANG Long, WANG Bin, WANG Ming-lin, ZANG Lu-jie, CHEN Zai-xin
2012, 18(2): 85-91.
Abstract(2155) PDF(166)
HPLC Determination of Formaldehyde,Acetaldehyde and Acetone in Acetate Fiber Filter Rod of Cigarettes
ZHANG Xia, ZHAI Yu-jun, XIE Yu-long, HUANG Jie-juan, PENG Sa, GAO Yu-zhen, LV Zhang-ping
2011, 17(2): 118-122.
Abstract(2127) PDF(298)
Determination of Perfluorooctane Sulfonates (PFOS) in Food Packaging Materials by UPLC/MS/MS
MIAO Lu, MO Jia-lin, GAN Ning-jun
2011, 17(3): 134-138.
Abstract(2117) PDF(231)
Comparison of Polysaccharide Contents of Rootstocks and Leaves in A. roburghii of Different Producing Areas
Cheng Xiao-lan, HUANG Li-ying, HUANG Li-ping, WU Ping-ping, WANG Mei-hua
2012, 18(3): 135-139.
Abstract(2110) PDF(78)
Determination of 15 of Rare Earth Elements in Optical Glass by ICP-AES and ICP-MS
CHEN shi-yan, HE zhen-yun
2011, 17(4): 217-222.
Abstract(2081) PDF(176)
Rapid Determination of Total Ash in Rubber Stoppers by Thermogravimetric Analysis
XU Jing-ying, ZHAO Cheng-zhe
2013, 19(3): 171-174.
Abstract(2078) PDF(22)
A Novel Method for Quantitative Analysis of Oil Content in Polyurethane Fiber Waste by Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
ZHOU Jing, XIANG Chao-li, LIU Ya-hui, CAO Dai-li, CHEN Ling, TANG Jin-song, FEI Chang-shu
2014, (4): 204-209.
Abstract(2070) PDF(26)
Review of Study on Catalytic Kinetic SpectrophotometricDetermination of Trace Elements in Food
WANG Ping, QIAO Zhuang-ming, ZHANG Yong, LI Chao, WEI Dong, YAO Zhen-xing, WEI Qin
2010, 16(3): 141-145.
Abstract(2063) PDF(215)
Electrochemical Workstation of Broadband Dielectric Spectrometer
QIAN Wen-hu, YANG Gang
2013, 19(3): 175-181.
Abstract(2050) PDF(12)
Study on Thyroglobulin Bovine by Matrix-Assisted LaserDesorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry
JI Yi-ping, ZHANG Hong-ming
2007, (3): 187-189.
Abstract(1994) PDF(267)
Progress in Study on Detection of Heavy Metals
YAO Zhen-xing, XIN Xiao-dong, SI Wei, ZHAO Jie, CHEN Guo-dong, ZHAO Wei, YANG Jian, DU Bin
2011, 17(1): 29-35.
Abstract(1988) PDF(883)
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