Volume 26 Issue 4
Jan.  2021
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FENG Hui-min, HOU Yi-zhe, HUANG Tian-ci, LI Yuan-xiang, LI Zheng, LI Wen-long. Application and Research Progress in Electronic Sensing Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Agricultural Products[J]. Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments, 2020, 26(4): 239-248. doi: 10.16495/j.1006-3757.2020.04.003
Citation: FENG Hui-min, HOU Yi-zhe, HUANG Tian-ci, LI Yuan-xiang, LI Zheng, LI Wen-long. Application and Research Progress in Electronic Sensing Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Agricultural Products[J]. Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments, 2020, 26(4): 239-248. doi: 10.16495/j.1006-3757.2020.04.003

Application and Research Progress in Electronic Sensing Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Agricultural Products

doi: 10.16495/j.1006-3757.2020.04.003
  • Received Date: 2020-11-20
  • Rev Recd Date: 2020-12-17
  • Publish Date: 2020-12-30
  • Electronic sensing technology has been widely used in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and agricultural products in recent years because of its advantages such as easy access to signal, rich information and overall characterization of sample properties.In this paper, the commonly used electronic sensing technologies, such as electronic eye, electronic nose and electronic tongue, are introduced.The application reports of the above mentioned technologies in the fields of natural products, such as traditional Chinese medicine, tobacco, food and beverage, are reviewed.The related multivariate data analysis, multi-source data fusion technology, brand protection technology and future instrument research and development are prospected.The purpose is to provide reference for the application of electronic sensing technology in the field of natural products analysis.
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