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1.  Aim and feature of «Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments»

The aim of the journal «Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments» is to offer a platform for the publication of new technologies, new theories, new methods and new achievements in the field of analytical chemistry. It follows the guiding principles of combining technical work with academic study and applied science with basic research, and highlights on innovation. Its special feature is to publish the research achievements using various large-scale instruments as the approach for analysis and testing. The objects of service are analysts, teachers and other S&T professionals engaging in the research, analysis and testing of analysis and testing centers, open laboratories affiliated to the research and educational institutions and all walks of life, and of the relevant foreign departments.

The «Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments» undertakes the task of propagating, exchanging, studying and discussing the scientific development of analysis and testing, with aims to introduce articles that the readers are fond of on new theories, methods, technologies, results of the analysis and testing at home and experiences in the management of analysis and testing centers.

2. History and evolution of «Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments»

«Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments» was established jointly by the Bureau of Technical Conditions of the CAS and the Analysis and Testing Center of the Lanzhou Branch of the CAS with the approval of the State Science and Technology Commission in 1992, and was sponsored by the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics entrusted by the CAS. It is a quarterly periodical of 64 pages. The first issue, distributed in Sept. 1992, to the third issue (Sept.1994) was restricted publications; starting from the fourth issue in 1994, it becomes an open publication to domestic and foreign countries. Up to the end of 2008, 14 volumes and 66 issues of the journal have been published on time.

Five editorial boards have been set up, the editor-in-chief is the famous specialist in chromatography, Prof. Yu Wei-le, the executive vice editor-in chiefs are Prof. Wang Han-qing, Prof. Zhu Peng-ling and Prof. Shi Yan-ping. 45 members on the editorial board come from the CAS, universities, and colleges, and all of them are the experts in the fields of chromatography, spectroscopy, XPS, NMR, nanochemistry, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and maintenance of large-scale instruments. Starting from the 4th editorial board, several foreign scientists assume editors.

3. Column set up

The major columns in «Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments» are: editorial board’s forum, comprehensive review and monograph, new analytical and testing method, new results on analysis and testing, research papers, development of functions of instruments for analysis and testing, maintenance of large-scale instruments, etc.

4. Situation of overall operation

The overall operation of «Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments» is good. The amount of publication and professional coverage are at the forefront of analogous periodicals. «Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments» has been included in the «Database of Chinese Core Periodicals (selected)», «Chemical Abstracts», «Chinese Academic Journal(CD)», «Wanfang Data-Digital Periodicals», «Database of Chinese Science and Technology», it is also the resource periodical of «Citation Database of Science in  China», «Database  of Comprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Academic Periodicals», the full text can be found in the «Chinese Periodical Web».

Address of Editorial Office:


Tianshui Zhonglu Rd. 18, Lanzhou 730000, P.R. China

Contact: Zhang Xiao-hong

Tel.: (0931) 4968280

Fax: (0931)8277088


E-mail: fxcs@licp.cas.cn

Distributed by: Post offices of China home and aboard

Price: RMB 15/issue, RMB 60/year

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