General Regulations for Submitting Articles to “Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments”

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1  Requirements of manuscript

1.1 A succinct and clear title, the name of the author(s)’ affiliated institution and the author(s)’ name(s) in Chinese phonetic alphabet are required.

1.2 Data should be reliable and arguments, distinct and accurate; the writing is asked to express in a lucid style and type on A4 standardized writing papers; 2 copies of the manuscript are needed (including the original one).

1.3 The English manuscript is to be typed on A4 papers on every other line.

1.4 In the experimental section, the model and manufacturer of the instrument used, testing conditions, precision, significant digits of data, and the purity of reagents used should be indicated.

1.5 Only the most essential figures, tables, and photos are to be selected; illustrations should be drawn on drawing papers with carbon ink and the lines should be uniform; no modification and coloration are allowed. Mark the number of the figure lightly with a pencil on the back of the figure and leave a space in the text for the figure. The caption should be indicated under the figure. The width of the table is to be less than 34 printing letters.

1.6 The author(s) is asked not to mingle structural formulae with the writing; abbreviation are to be defined at their first mention.

1.7 Indicate aside with a pencil the easily confusing Latin and Greek alphabets, the small and capital letters in English alphabet, and the numerical ‘0’ and the letter ‘o’.

1.8 Use the measurement units in the “State Standards of the People’s Republic of China” (GB 3100-3102-93).

1.9 Reference:

       Unpublished references are not recommended.

1.9.1 Form of writing of a cited journal: name of author(s), title, name of the journal, year of publication, volume (issue), beginning and ending pages of the cited thesis (cf. GB/T 7714-2015).


Jungbauer A. Preparative chromatography of biomolecules. J. Chromatogr., 1993, 639(1):3-16.

1.9.2 Form of writing of a cited book: name of the author, name of the book, edition (except for the first edition), site of publication, publishing house, year of publication, beginning and ending pages.


Sanderson R T. Chemical bond and bond energies. New York: Academic Press, 1976, 23-30.

1.9.3 List all the authors under three in the reference; if more than three, delete the following authors by adding “et al”.

1.10 The acknowledgement of the support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China or other important foundations with grant number is requested.

2  Formality for submitting articles

2.1 To submit a domestic manuscript, the examination on security by and a reference from the author’s affiliation are needed. As to a foreign contribution, it should be signed by the submitter according to the international practice.

2.2 If there are two or more authors, indicate the author to whom correspondence should be addressed with a superscript star, and give the corresponding address and zip code.

2.3 A brief introduction of the first author is required: name, sexual distinction, academic credentials (or professional post or position), the main research field or the main work the author engages in.

2.4 Submission a manuscript implies that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Please submit the manuscript to the Editorial Office of “Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments” or send it by e-mail.

3  Handling of manuscripts

3.1 The editorial board will inform by letter the receipt of the manuscript on time.

If the manuscript is rejected, the editorial board will send it back to the author in a short time.

3.2 If a revision is needed for the manuscript, the editorial board will send a copy of the comments of the reviewer(s) to the author for revision. Point to point replies to the comments are needed. Please send back the revised manuscript with the replies to the editorial board for re-review.

3.3 According to the principle of the examination of manuscripts, the editorial board has the right to conduct necessary revision and deletion of the manuscript.

3.4 No changes are permitted when the manuscript has been finalized by the editorial board. After receiving the printed final proof, the author is required to check against the text carefully and send back to the editorial board by express mail.

3.5 After the publication of the manuscript, contribution fee will be sent to the author according to the regulation with two copies of the said issue.

3.6 Submission of the manuscript by diskette or by e-mail is hoped. Please indicate the name of the software used.

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