List of Check Items for Submission of Articles

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Before submitting your manuscript, please check your manuscript carefully with reference to the following items to make sure there are no non-conformable items. If there are any non-conformable, your manuscript will be returned for revision until there are no non-conformable, but this will inevitably delay the time for you and the editor.

1. The full text of the manuscript (including references) is typeset according to 1.5 times spacing with full measure. The English characters adopt in Times New Roman, the Chinese title is in bold, and the remaining Chinese adopt in the Song type face.

2. The abstract is used to introduce the main research results and provide the readers with all the innovative content and as much quantitative or qualitative information as possible. The length of the Chinese abstract is about 300 words. The English abstract is mainly used for retrieval and without limitation of space, which of that the words and grammar should be correct and as detailed as possible.

3. At the bottom of the first page of the paper, the first author and corresponding author's contact number, e-mail, and fund project (if not, it is exempted) are given in Chinese and English in the format of the submission template (downloadable at the website reader center). If the corresponding author is the first author, only the author's profile and other information are required. 

4. The introduction should state:

(1) The reason, purpose and background of the research.

(2) Theoretical basis, experimental basis and research methods.

(3) Expected research results and their functions and significance. 

The writing should be straightforward, concise, and focused.

Note: It is not necessary to write down the parts that are well-known and that are already in the predecessor's literature. The reason and purpose of the research are mainly written so that readers have an overall understanding of the paper. The abstract is within 600 words.

5. The experimental section is described in detail, so that the readers can repeat the experiments according to the description in the article.

6. All quantities used are in international units, such as “Pa” for pressure and “N” (not “kg”) for load, etc.

7. Not more than 10 charts are allowable in the text, the annotations of the charts are all expressed in Chinese, and the captions are expressed in Chinese and English. If it is composed of many charts, the captions of each chart will be given. Clarity of the curves in the charts is required. Color printing is currently used in this journal, in order to enhance the expressive effect of article charts, authors can use color charts as needed.

8. A three-line table is used as the table, the notes in the table are all expressed in Chinese, and the table title is expressed in Chinese and English.

9. The format of the references is revised strictly in accordance with the requirements of this journal. See the submission template for the specific format.

10. You have read carefully and checked your manuscript many times, and try to avoid colloquial narration and typos in the manuscript.

11. After the article is adopted, the author’s information must not be changed. If you need to change, please revise it when you provide the final revised draft. After the author's information is revised, you need to resign the copyright transfer agreement.

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