Research and Application of Scattering System of Protein with a New Hydrophilic Cyanine Dye
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Abstract PDF
Determination of Concentrations of Elements in Aluminum AlloyArchitecture Materials by Using X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
CHEN Tian\|wen
2007(2): 88-92.
Abstract PDF
SEM Analysis of Fire Residue for Home Electrical Appliance
2007(2): 93-94.
Abstract PDF
A Liquid Separation and MALDI-TOF MS DetectionMethod for Leukemia K562 Cell
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Abstract PDF
The Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation Determination of Chloride Ion in the Water Sample Preparation of a Series of Standards by Ion Chromatography
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Abstract PDF
Study of Sample Preparation Method for XPSAnalysis of Powdered Samples
LIU Fen, ZHAO Zhi-juan, QIU Li-mei, ZHAO Liang-zhong
2007(2): 107-109.
Abstract PDF
Determination of Pb in Cigarette Tipping Paper byFlow Injection-Hydride Generation-atomic Absorption Spectrometry
GUO Wu-xue, ZHANG Qiao, YE Ming-de, LIU Ruo-wang, CHAO Guo-ku
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Abstract PDF
Determination of Phenazinone in Nutrient Solution by HPLC
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2007(2): 114-116.
Abstract PDF
Determining of Content in the Freeze-drying Preparation of Cisplatin
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2007(2): 117-119.
Abstract PDF
Catalytic Fluorimetric Determination of Cefoperazone Sodium in Injection
WANG Chong-Yan, LI Yong-Qiang, WANG Jin-Zhong
2007(2): 120-123.
Abstract PDF
Determination of Xylitor in Papaya Element Tabulett by HPLC
CHEN Jian-hong, HUANG Dao-ping
2007(2): 124-126.
Abstract PDF
Determination of Silver, Strontium and Calcium in Metal Alloy Leadby Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
HUANG Xing-hua, NI Neng, MAO Zhen-cai
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Abstract PDF
Determination of Soybean Isoflavones in Health Foods by HPLC
YANG Jie, MENG Di-ya, LI Lu
2007(2): 130-135.
Abstract PDF
HPLC Determination of the Organic Acid Content inFermentation Liquor of In-situ-biological Process for Oil Production
NUER Gu-li, RAN Zhu-ye, ZHAO Xiao-feng, ZHU Jing, YU Juan, MA Yue
2007(2): 136-140.
Abstract PDF
Determination of Pesticide Residues in Vegetableby Capillary Gas Chromatography
WANG Ping-lin
2007(2): 141-144.
Abstract PDF
Determination of Chlorpyrifos Pesticide Residues in Cassia by GC
LI Da, CAI Xuan
2007(2): 145-147.
Abstract PDF
Determination of Non-eluting Tars Content of Maleic Anhydride Process Oil by Distillation/GC
CHENG yong-guang, HAN gang
2007(2): 148-151.
Abstract PDF
Trouble-shooting of Bubbles in High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography
LIU Wen-tao, HE Su-qin, ZHU Cheng-shen
2007(2): 152-154.
Abstract PDF